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A decade in Tennessee politics: Turning a redder shade of purple

The first decade of the twenty-first century is ending, and though there is no rule that says retrospectives must be timed to coincide neatly with flips of pages in man-made calendars, such is, in practice, when they are written. Following

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The powered of the county

The 2010 elections now are fading into memory, and the national campaigns for 2012 have already begun, so this seems as good a time as any to assess Chattanooga’s clout as measured by the roles our elected officials will be

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Nancy’s boys

Stephen Shirley, a columnist for the Murfreesboro Daily News-Journal says that the Democratic nominee in the Sixth Congressional District race is just about as good a candidate as anyone could hope for, but has one major flaw working against him:

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A fiver with Lincoln

Frank Strovel, a radio DJ in Campbell County, today interviewed Fourth District Congressman Lincoln Davis (D-Pall Mall) about the latter’s reelection campaign. Rep. Davis faces Republican Dr. Scott DesJarlais of South Pittsburg/Jasper, and independent candidates Paul Curtis of Winchester, James

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In Pall Mall, it’s not pell-mell

Larry Henry breaks down the race in the Fourth Congressional District, where Republicans hope, through August primary winner Dr. Scott DesJarlais, to pick up a U.S House seat. The district is mostly rural and quite conservative, but incumbent Congressman Lincoln

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