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Whom will Americans Elect?

Sean Braisted attended the forum at Vanderbilt on Tuesday, and subsequently wrote a thorough, insightful post about Americans Elect and how its strategy could play out.

I had sensed a common thread with the Unity08 movement, but was unaware of (or, more likely, had forgotten about) the literal connection between that group and the Draft Bloomberg movement until I read Braisted’s piece. Bloomberg is often brought up as a potential Americans Elect candidate; and some say he is making noises about mounting an independent campaign even while he claims to enjoy the mayorship of New York.

To date, and this is really recent, I know of only one candidate who has declared in this nominating process. Former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer tonight announced that he is officially seeking the Americans Elect nomination, although he is continuing his long-odds bid for the GOP nomination at least through the New Hampshire “first in the nation” primary.

(Personal note: Roemer has a great-looking website, and the photo slideshow includes a shot of him on the set of The Colbert Report. Win.)