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Political news roundup

The month of November began on Friday, but since that’s not a great day to put out news releases, Monday was really the kickoff. Here’s a little of what went on. U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann may see another challenge from

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Turning Chattanooga bluer?

It’s just a minor detail, I suppose, but I couldn’t get out of any activists was which races would be targeted, or who would be running for any of them. I was told that some announcements would be coming later

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Political phantoms

The Tennessee election season has entered its final weeks, and some citizens are just now getting around to paying attention. It’s a pity that they face a dearth of candidate appearances; and when they do hear from or about one,

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I was always taught to step around it

Charles Williamson, a candidate running for the District 51 seat in the Tennessee House of Representatives against incumbent Rep. Mike Turner, released a campaign ad that features his bison and, uh, something one of them left behind: Do you think

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