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County primaries: Use them or lose them

I’ve gotten some energetic feedback about my latest column. One person called it a “disgrace.” Judge for yourself.

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Early voting begins Wednesday in some counties

Not all Tennessee counties hold primary elections, and some only have a primary for a single party. I have checked a few election commission websites, and it looks like tomorrow (Wednesday, April 16) marks the start of early voting in

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Junkin debunkin’

Maury County Republican Party chair, Patricia Junkin, writes that the party’s decision to hold primary elections for county offices in 2014 will not cause certain fiscal problems, as apparently has been alleged. Local GOP organizations around the state this year

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Column: On closed primaries

Over at, I declare the conditions under which closed primaries would be acceptable. Let me be clear up front: I have no problem with closed primaries…. Select from those who have been granted entrance only the purest of the

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On taxes and primaries

Andrea Zelinski lays down the facts about primary voting in Tennessee at TNReport. Tennessee taxpayers will fork over an estimated $4.5 million this week administering elections for the two major parties. But as a matter of state law, the decision

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