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On taxes and primaries

Andrea Zelinski lays down the facts about primary voting in Tennessee at TNReport. Tennessee taxpayers will fork over an estimated $4.5 million this week administering elections for the two major parties. But as a matter of state law, the decision

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Not married to the party, just Dayton

WRCB’s Jonquil Newland on Monday reported that there is either a coordinated crossover conspiracy in Rhea County’s state House election, or there is a coordinated effort by election workers to zealously thwart what they perceive as a stealth crossover plan.

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Your ticket for Super Tuesday

What is on the ballot tomorrow? I’m using a Hamilton County ballot in Commission District Three for the most detail. The only sections that will be the same statewide are the presidential candidates and the GOP at-large delegates. Beyond that,

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Is a primary election an election?

A hearing was held last Tuesday in the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals on the federal lawsuit brought by former Sen. Rosalind Kurita over her 2008 removal from the ballot by the Executive Committee of the Tennessee Democratic Party.

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Presidential preference primary ballot set

On “Super Tuesday,” March 6, 2012, Tennessee voters will choose which candidates for President of the United States they wish to see nominated by the Democratic and Republican Parties’ national conventions. State officials lately have been divvying up endorsements among

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