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Extreme makeover: recall edition

On November 6, 2012, Chattanooga voters opted to amend their city charter by repealing one section and inserting new language having to do with recalling an elected official. Or, put another way, Chattanooga voters simply made official what a state

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One day historians will recall this as the beginning of an era

Recall election blogger Joshua Spivak has a story in the Los Angeles Times about the recent sharp increase in the number of recall initiatives. The recall’s increasing popularity and effectiveness is directly connected to technology. Campaigning, fundraising and, critically for

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‘Recall’ and ‘impeach’: what’s your definition?

In case you missed it, last week recall election blogger Joshua Spivak weighed-in on Chattanooga’s current linguistic dilemma.

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When will Chattanooga get a new mayor?

The short answer to the title question? April 15, 2013. Now, but here are some confounding evidential specimens and alternative theories. Meander with me, will you? Dude: Oh, man, my thinking about this case had become very uptight.

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Jamming home the point

Jay “Jammer” Scott lays out the facts related to the recent and ongoing mayoral recall battle. Those—on either side—who may have struggled with the legal, temporal, and numerical details would be well served to read his excellent rundown. Here is

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