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Not exactly a short-term fix, but still worth it

Behind the Tennessean’s paywall, Mike Koprowski opines that in order to remedy the demagoguery and strife in Washington, D.C., we need to change the rules that govern how our congressional districts are redrawn. It is not a new argument, and

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I survived redistricting

Warning: autobiographical passage ahead. Ten or so years ago, I woke up one morning in a new Tennessee House of Representatives district, and it really changed some things. Actually, to be truthful, I didn’t realize it on the day it

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Here’s my Storify collection on Wednesday’s legislative redistricting news: [View the story "GOP-smacked" on Storify]

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Redistricting: wrangling and rustling

If you can imagine someone more excited than Steve Martin’s immortal character in the classic film The Jerk, when he announces the arrival of the new phone books, well—that’s me, with regard to new district maps. I’ll keep updating this

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Dyer’s straight

The new maps being discussed in today’s redistricting meeting apparently include a move to put Dyer County into a single district (the 77th). Formerly part of the county had been included in the 82nd District, which is currently represented by

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