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Littlefield recites legacy, to mixed reviews

Littlefield recites legacy, to mixed reviews

Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield delivers final State of the City address

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Missy Crutchfield, chair of the Department of Education, Arts & Culture, introduced the mayor.
Community Theater, #StateOfCHAchris brooks
Mayor Littlefield said that he and his administration started with a plan, and “worked the plan” in seven strategic areas. He highlighted the city’s financial strength even as the nation and world underwent a major recession.
Littlefield listing strategies he set out to implement as mayor and how he’s seen them through: http://pic.twitter.com/bD157qlCh8James Harrison
Mayor Littlefield: "We have left the city better than we found it": Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield addresse… http://bit.ly/YfZm0aWRCB-HD
Click “Original Link” to view a partial video by the Chattanooga Times Free Press.
Ron Littlefield talks about his top 10 accomplishments during State of the City | timesfreepress.comChattanoogas only daily newspaper. Complete coverage of breaking news in Chattanooga. Other local, regional and national news. Classified…
The paper also put this question to the people of Facebook:
Are you happy with how Ron Littlefield led Chattanooga?Chattanooga Times Free Press
Not all are sad to see this mayor leave office. Here’s a song by Roger Alan Wade that laments spending taxpayer money on public art, with one particular piece of art in mind: “Blue Rhino,” which Littlefield said he loves to hear people “railing” about.
blue rhino blues (ode 2 Andre ‘n Ron)blue rhino blues (ode 2 Andre ‘n Ron) by Roger Alan Wade: Listen to, download, play and stream the song, blue rhino blues (ode 2 Andre ‘n…
You know, Corker or Kinsey didn’t have their own "Worst Mayor Ever" website. #StateOfCHAmike k
Worst Mayor Ever: Ron LittlefieldMarch 2, 2009 That’s right Ron Littlefield, longtime democrat, you keep your hand up. You voted for Republicans in the past two primary e…
Several organizers of the 2010 recall petition drive were in attendance, and they did not respond favorably to Littlefield’s remarks about Chattanooga’s police force—or, more specifically, the unions that represent the officers.
Littlefield’s enimity against the police unions is on live display here tonight. A good 1/3 of this speech dedicated to police policy.Perrin Lance
Littlefield slamming police union. Repeating phrase "don’t believe the police". #StateOfCHAChris Brooks
Mayor Littlefield just said that it is the business of our local police unions “to be unhappy.” Wow. #StateOfCHAJoda Thongnopnua
As if in direct answer, Littlefield added:
#StateOfCHA Littlefield: I count many current and retired police professionals as personal friends.TennesseeTicket
Pam Ladd, chair of the Chattanooga City Council, said that some people “just want to be angry.”
Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield reflects as term closes (with video)Ron Littlefield talks about police, gangs during State of the City During his final State of the City address, outgoing Chattanooga Mayor…
And finally, even though this Twitter user’s bio says “✌ L O V E E V E R Y O N E,” she has no affection for the final State of the City address, nor even for a weather update.
View of the #StateOfCHA, first in a few years. Final of outgoing Mayor Littlefield’s administration.Joda Thongnopnua
One more thing: we couldn’t leave without mentioning Bill’s “State of the Ziti” address, delivered the same evening. The state of the ziti is, apparently, “#sosososogood.”
Tonight’s awesome meal: Ziti with Italian sausage, bell peppers, and an Italian cheese blend. #sosososogoodbillcolrus

One day historians will recall this as the beginning of an era

Recall election blogger Joshua Spivak has a story in the Los Angeles Times about the recent sharp increase in the number of recall initiatives.

The recall’s increasing popularity and effectiveness is directly connected to technology. Campaigning, fundraising and, critically for the recall, signature gathering have become easier thanks to the digital revolution. It may seem like a paradox: At the same time that we are witnessing billion-dollar campaigns for president, the most basic political action launched by non-professionals is becoming cheaper and more effective.

Interestingly, only nineteen states currently have recall provisions, although more are considering whether to adopt them. Here are some more stats.

Question for you: does this information adjust your perspective on Chattanooga’s mayoral recall attempt?

Also, is it just me, or is it fascinating that former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger won election to office following the recall of his predecessor, former Gov. Gray Davis, and starred in a film titled Total Recall? Yeah, it’s probably just me.

Rehear ye, rehear ye

Attorneys for Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield had asked the Tennessee Court of Appeals to rehear the appeal of last year’s Circuit Court ruling that enjoined the Hamilton County Election Commission from certifying a recall petition.

The Court of Appeals ruled last month that the Circuit Court did not have sufficient jurisdiction to stop the Election Commission from proceeding.

Nooga.com today reports that the Court of Appeals has denied the rehearing request, stating that “[t]he case by Mayor [Ron Littlefield] is not on point.”

Littlefield’s attorney is looking into taking further legal action, according to the report.