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Because you can’t spell ‘brand’ without…

It’s true: the appearance and sound bite by U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in an ad for U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander’s re-election campaign did not constitute an endorsement. The Freedom to Fish Act press conference understandably involved politicians from Kentucky and

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The August election losers

Of course you can find the complete results of Thursday’s state primary and county general elections posted on many media outlets’ websites and at the Secretary of State’s site. My aim isn’t to replicate that information here, but to point

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[View the story “Santorum forum, some against ‘im” on Storify]

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Iced Tea

The Tennessee Tea Party is calling it quits. But if you’re a fan of the tea, rest assured that there are still several organizations in existence throughout the state.

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New blend of Tea brewing in Nashville

Joey Garrison reports that a new Tea Party chapter has formed in Nashville that will focus on local issues in the Metro area. The party’s founder, Ben Cunningham, also founded the group Tennessee Tax Revolt.

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