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Constitutional supremacy

Tom Humphrey’s Sunday column argues that the November 2014 election will be all about the four proposed amendments to the Tennessee Constitution. It’s not far-fetched. There’s not even a gubernatorial race happening (to speak of), and he’s right about the

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Tennessee plaintiffs to file federal suit over same-sex marriage recognition

From the inbox: Local and national attorneys will hold a press conference at 11 a.m. Monday outside of the Davidson County Courthouse in Nashville to announce the filing of a federal lawsuit challenging Tennessee laws that deny recognition to legally

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Keeping the bench warm

Gov. Bill Haslam today issued Executive Order No. 34, which establishes the Governor’s Commission for Judicial Appointments. This is intended to allow the governor to fill vacancies on the state’s high courts while there is no Legislature-defined process in place.

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Abortion-related Constitution amendment clears Senate hurdle

SJR 127, a resolution to offer voters the chance to amend the Tennessee Constitution regarding abortion rights, was approved on Monday by the Senate in a 24-8 vote. It had previously won approval with a simple majority in both houses

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Are our rights to hunt and fish in danger?

What you will In 2006, Tennessee voters chose to add two amendments to the state constitution: one that more strictly defined the state definition of marriage, and another that allowed the General Assembly to create legislation that would in turn

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