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Fitz who?

Or, the A-B-C’s of primary voting Of course you and I know who Rep. Craig Fitzhugh is, the banker from Ripley whose tenure in the House of Representatives spans a couple of decades, and who currently serves as House Minority

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TNDP: Reorg or reboot?

The Tennessee Democratic Party has some rather existential and fundamental questions to answer, and quickly. What is a political party’s actual purpose? Is it solely to (raise money to) win elections for its nominees, regardless how (or why) they perform

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Count me in on counting-out party officers

Democratic Party activist, candidate, and blogger Steve Ross has a proposal that he says will help build his party and help its members communicate better. I don’t have a dog in that hunt, but I am nonetheless intrigued by Ross’s

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One that satisfies my artistic needs

Via a tweet from Zack Barnes, we learn of some new job postings at the Tennessee Democratic Party.

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State Democrats: ‘Yes we Kaine’

The Tennessee Democratic Party held its annual Jackson Day Dinner fundraiser in more modest quarters than in times past, but several hundred supporters were encouraged to look to better future days, according to this Tennessean report (paywall warning). Chattanooga Mayor

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