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Speaker: mouthpiece or bullhorn?

The Republican-dominated Tennessee General Assembly today effectively chose its leaders for the next session. Though they won’t be official until voted on by the full House and Senate in January, House Speaker Beth Harwell, and Senate Speaker and Lt. Gov.

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GOP committeeman, state party resolve lawsuit

Ever since the 2010 Republican primary in Tennessee’s Third Congressional District, a contentious cloud has hovered after a staffer for one candidate sued the campaign manager of another. Now it appears that at least one corner of that cloud has

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Tennessee plays growing role in GOP intra-party fight

The stakes are getting higher in the twin contests for control of the U.S. Senate and of the Republican Party itself, and Tennessee increasingly is becoming significant in the battle plans. This week’s congressional deal to extend the debt ceiling

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I can’t derive 55

Here’s the latest chapter in the quest for understanding the GOP convention delegate selection process in Tennessee. State party chair Chris Devaney reads some of the relevant text in this video. So let’s test that against a recently posited method

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GOP delegate FAQs

I’ve seen Facebook posts, tweets, and mail from readers about a conundrum currently facing some Tennessee voters who’d like to have a say in their party’s presidential nomination, but aren’t sure exactly how, so I’m putting together a FAQ post.

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