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Getting hotter in Knoxville

For longer than your correspondent has called Tennessee home, the Second Congressional District has been represented by the second John Duncan in a row, causing one family’s hold on the seat to span more than 50 years. The majority of

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Kookogey Google News dislodged from my Feedly, and other gobbledygook

The “unannounced candidate” announced that he is not a candidate. Kevin Kookogey will not join Rep. Joe Carr in challenging U.S. Lamar Alexander. Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, however, retains his spot in my list of potentials. Chairmen to battle

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Dust settles on bleak landscape after campaign shake-up

I hope you enjoyed the excitement Tuesday morning when Rep. Joe Carr announced he will run against U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander. It was possibly the most we will experience until, oh, the 2018 gubernatorial race. My guess is that Carr

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Today in ‘maybe’: a roundup of potential candidates in Tennessee

January 3, 2014 is the first day to pick up petitions to run for state and federal office here in Tennessee. Hamilton County holds its primary elections in May, so the first day to pick up for those offices is

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