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Federal court ruling allows Tomasik to run as Libertarian Party candidate

The same judge who in 2012 declared parts of the state’s ballot access laws unconstitutional has issued an injunction requiring the Shelby County Election Commission to list Jim Tomasik as a Libertarian Party candidate in the upcoming House District 91

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Voter registration awareness

Secretary of State Tre Hargett reminded us all in an announcement that September 2013 is National Voter Registration Month. A joint statement with Hamilton County Administrator of Elections Charlotte Mullis-Morgan, citizens are advised to take an opportunity to make sure

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Hargett, Ramsey not quite satisfied with Voter ID ruling

After the Tennessee Court of Appeals upheld the state’s requirement of voters to show photo identification at the polls, but also upheld library cards as valid forms of identification, Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey said the following: While allowing library cards

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