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My, you look Marvel-ous

I have been drafting some screens to see how the voter helper app might look. Thanks to some pretty cool technology that didn’t exist years ago when I first had the idea, you can see these sketches as they’d appear

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Vote with confidence and style

Hi there. Do you struggle with overwhelming ballot choices, especially in these years when the eight-year terms come up in addition to all the four-year and two-year offices—not to mention the legalese often found in local ordinance or state constitution

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I got 99 problems plus 17 and a whole lot more

Hollar, Lollar. I have finished building the basic voter guide page for the 2014 election in the 99-seat Tennessee House of Representatives. Before you pat me on the back, please reach for your local newspaper (or, you know, smartphone) and

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A five-step last-minute cram session

Some of the people nearest and dearest to my heart (ahem) have waited until today to figure out what all is on the ballot and for whom they will vote. It’s OK. I’m a huge procrastinator; it’s just that I

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New for November, the Nooga voter guides has again collaborated with to produce voter guides for the 2012 election in Hamilton County, Tennessee.* Click the logo to get started. The guides include the following races and ballot measures: Federal President & Vice President U.S.

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